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Unleash your Creative Side! Artzone believe in the importance of Art Education.  We are Ireland’s Leading Public Art School run by Qualified Art Teachers, working to a structured Visual Arts Curriculum, producing new and exciting portfolios every term.

Festive and fun Christmas and Winter themed work for all ages!

We’re Creative, We’re Different, We’re Fun!! If you, your child or anyone in your family likes art they will LOVE Artzone.

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Art Parties for Creative Kids:-

  • The Party Zone @ Artzone Studios (and other Artzone Centres) for a cool artistic experience;
  • Home Parties for a stress free home party experience; or
  • The Party Box, quite literally an Art Party in a box with step by step guidance;

Artzone In-school Programme

Artzone qualified Art Teachers can share the benefits of their years of research and development to your school in many ways:-

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Artzone are not just another art class. Artzone believes that a high quality arts education is more important than ever in Ireland, building confidence, fostering creativity, developing a design discipline and project planning, providing a sense of pride in achievement see more.

86 Responses to “Welcome to Artzone”

  1. F. Mc Donald says:

    How much are the camp classes in Lucan/leixlip for a 14 year old girl please

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Hi there. The Teenage Art Groups work on specialist projects in 10-week blocks. The fee including all art equipment is €120 for 10 weeks. We do offer a free trial up front to ensure it is for you before you have to commit. Regards, Paul

  2. Trish says:

    Hi I’m interested In my nearly 7 year old daughter joining art classes in the drumcondra class. Can you let me know the times and days they are on and costs pls? If you can mail me that would be brilliant. Email as above thanks

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Hi Trish, Our classes in Drumcondra are on Wednesday are on Wednesday at 3 – 4pm and 4.15 – 5.15pm. We are also in Killester Tuesday, Raheny Thursday, Castleknock Friday or Malahide Saturday. The normal fee for the 8-week term is €88, but we are offering a €5 trial class in January. If you would like to set up a trial class just call 01 4990614 or book online http://www.artzone.ie/bookings/class-booking/. Best regards, Paul

  3. Babie says:

    Hi!i wonder if you have more place for my 9 y.o daughter for a trial class on Thurs 21,’13 in Lucan?

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      No problem Babie, Just bring her along to the St Mary’s Parish Centre at 4.20 and ask for Dermot. We have a thriving class there lead by Dermot and Deirdre. Your daughter will be in the older 8 – 12 years group. He will need your daughters name, age, address and two contact numbers to register her for the trial class. The fee for a trial class in February is just €5. Give us a quick call on 01 4990614 if you wish to register in advance. Best regards, Paul

  4. Maura says:

    Hi,just wondered if at classes were on this friday in leixlip . thank you

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Hi Maura, There are classes in Leixlip this Friday. Then we are off for two weeks for the Easter break. I hope this suits. Paul

  5. Sarah says:

    Im just enquiring if there is any posts available for the Summer months for a qualified primary school teacher?

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Hi Sarah, we have a large team of full and part-time teachers working with us all year round. There wouldn’t usually be a vacancy in the summer camps. If you are interested in getting involved in parties, classes or camps send your CV to bookings@artzone.ie . Best wishes, Paul

  6. Geraldine says:

    Query- do you have any camps suitable four a 13 yr old in June. Dundrum area?
    Thanks Ger

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Hi Geraldine. We have a whole programme of camps for ages 10 – 15 years but they don’t start until 1st July – fashion, photography, comic book illustration, animation, make-up ,film … Regards, Paul

  7. lucy says:

    hey i am 24 with a disbilty i love this site.. do you do fun art classes for adults or young adults,, i’m looking for fun art classes kinda like the kids type except for older people… maybe galway area

  8. Edel says:

    My 7 year old spn has a huge passion for art and I am having trouble finding him a class in out vicinity. We live in Blessington and I am wondering would he be able to join the class in St Marys school on a Monday although he is not a pupil of the school????

    Many Thanks

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Hi Edel, I am afraid we didn’t get the numbers for a class in St Mary’s this year. We have classes in Naas on Mondays 4.30 or in Firhouse Community Centre Saturdays 10am or 11.10am. We hope to do something again in Blessington when things pick up. Best regards, Paul

  9. Mandy says:

    I would like to know that do you still have place on Tuesday night in killester. Is for two girls 6&7 thanks

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Hi Mandy, There are places in both classes in Killester (2.45 – 3.45 or 4.00 – 5.00pm). You can book online or give us a quick call on 01 4990614 to book trial classes. Best regards, Paul

  10. Mandy says:

    Do you able to let the girls to try a class to see how they goes or they only can go when they take the place ?

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Hi Mandy, You can just book them in on a trial basis – usually three trial classes to make sure they like it before you commit longer term. However if they really didn’t like it after the first class we would give you a refund anyway. The vast majority who book the trials stay longer term. Best regards, Paul

  11. Salewa says:

    My daughter is 8 and love art but I couldn’t get art class for her in Saggart and she is a pupil of st Mary Saggart ,thanks.

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Hi Salewa, We have some pupils from Saggart and Rathcoole in our Firhouse Classes on Saturday mornings at 10am and 11.10am. We have a team available in your area looking for a school to set up afterschool art classes. If your school would be interested we would be happy to make a proposal to the person in charge of the after school programme. Regards, Paul

  12. mary says:

    can you pay by the week thank it s for my two daughters age 11 anf7 they would have to go to the class in malahide at ten am

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Hi Mary, You cant pay be the week but you can pay for the term over 2 or 3 instalments. We have an introductory offer in January ’3 Classes for €15′ which is great value. Best regards, Paul

  13. Mary says:

    HI can you give me more information on the deal 3 classes for E15 as I couldn’t find it anywhere on your website. Thanks

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Hi Mary, There are no limits to the offer. It is an introductory offer for new students for any class, at any venue for all age groups – kids, tweens, teens and adults. Just call Sarah or Rachel on 01 4063915 or book online anytime http://www.artzone.ie/bookings/class-booking/ – just mention you are booking the deal in the notes box. Happy New Year! Paul

  14. Maria Elena says:

    Hi there, can you please explain how the “Bring a Friend for €5″ promotion works, how much would it cost to come back a second week to finish a project and is that possible? Thanks a lot M.E.

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Hi Maria Elena, The €5 covers the first class fully. If the child wishes to remain on for one or more extra classes the charge is €11 per class to the end of term. If it is just a matter of getting the second half of a two week project done, then the charge for the second class would be €5 too. The voucher is designed to allow students bring a friend along on a play day. We are not looking to make any money out of it. Many friends enjoy the experience and do stay on after the first class which is a real bonus for us. Best regards, Paul

  15. SARAH ABBEY says:

    is there summer camps for 6 year old in blackrock for 2014. when can I book

  16. Mary says:


    can you let me know if you can pay as you go for classes as it’s just too much for us to pay the whole lot up front for a term?
    Sorry for the awkward question! Thanks a lot, Mary

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      No problem Mary, We don’t accept pay as you go payments (it has proved a logistical nightmare in the past) but we will take payments by 2 – 3 instalments during a term. Best regards, Paul

  17. Piedad says:

    is there summer camps for 11 and 15 year old in galway city from the 11th to 22th of August

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Sorry we have not made it to Galway yet. We are planning to announce expansion plans in 2015. Regards, Paul

  18. Rebecca says:

    Hi, do you know of any classes like these in the tipperary area?

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Sorry we have not made it to Tipperary yet. We are planning to announce expansion plans in 2015. Regards, Paul

  19. Mark says:

    Hi – what are the hours for the Dundrum artzome summer camp / class starting next monday?


    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Hi Mark. The camp times are 10am to 2pm each day. We have early drop off club from 9am. Best regards, Paul

  20. Tom says:

    Some cool ideas on here, just a heads up about a link that I tried to click. The “portfolio performance camp” link didn’t work so couldn’t get on there.

  21. nicola says:

    hi could i please book my 10year old daughter for the 3 trial lessons in firhouse. thanks nicola

  22. Amy says:

    My 10 year old god to art zone classes in Scoil Bhríde, Kilbride and loves it!! Thanks so much!!

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Many thanks for the feedback Amy. Have passed it on to the Artzone Teachers for Kilbride – Liam and Kathy were delighted. Best regards, Paul

  23. Brian Nason says:

    Hi I am looking to enroll my year old in Killester / Does she qualify for a trial?

    My number is 08948897162



    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Hi Brian, There is space in the Killester Class. Send us on your child’s name, address and two parental contact numbers to info@artzone.ie and we will register her for a trial class (just €5). Best regards, Paul

  24. Louise doogan says:

    Thank you so much for making my son and his friends joint birthday party so much fun. The 26 kids had a great time and the teachers were so pleasant and managed all the kids with such ease. No doubt we will be back!!

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Thanks very much for taking the time to post such positive feedback Louise. The teachers put a lot of effort in to the design and planning of the parties. They love to get the feedback. Best regards, Paul

  25. trudi Gulzar says:

    Hi my son is 7 years old does he qualify for a trial in malahide?

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Absolutely Trudi. Bring him along to the 10am or 11.10am class in Malahide and ask for Louise. Regards, Paul

  26. Aoife Davis says:

    I am a 15 year old student who will be doing Transition Year in 2015/2016. I was wondering do you have a facility for a work placement? I would be grateful for any information you may have re same.
    yours faithfully,
    Aoife Davis

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Hi Aoife, We have a work experience programme. You need to apply by email to jobs@artzone.ie. Sarah looks after the programme. We give priority to current or past Artzone Students so mention this if appropriate. Regards, Paul

  27. Claire Johnston says:

    Hi just wondering is there availability for Lucan camp 13th July for my 5 year old daughter?


  28. Hi Sarah,

    I just joined Paul’s class last night (Thurs.) and really enjoyed it. Paul is a great teacher. I gave Paul the 45.00 euros, but I want to continue on for the summer term.

    Does Paul run adult art classes in Lucan by any chance? Many thanks, Maria.

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Hi Maria, We are delighted you enjoyed the class with Paul. Our adult classes are going really well at Artzone Studios. While we are looking at other venues to launch classes we have no plans to run Adult classes in the Lucan area at the moment. Regards, Paul

  29. Maria says:

    Hi Ian,
    I would like to ask you where are you based.
    I have 2 girls and I would like to find a summer camp for 1 or 2 weeks for the month of July.
    They are going to stay in Newcastle, co.dublin so I do no want that it is too far away from newcastle.
    I am looking forward your answer.
    Kind Regards, MJ

  30. Niamh says:

    Hi, I’d like to send my daughter to the Lucan classes, are these on
    Now? She’s almost 8, Can you please advise how I book this and the price?
    Many thanks

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Hi Niamh, You would be best to ring the office to book your daughter in for the Lucan Classes. She would be best to start in the 4.30 Thursday Class (unless she is a pupil of Scoil Mhuire GNS). They are just starting a new cool portfolio this week. We have a special trial offer of €5 for the first class in January. Rachel or Sarah will register you and answer any questions you may have. Best regards, Paul

  31. Elena says:

    I am wringing from Spain and I am going to Dublin in August and I would like to know if it’s possible to enjoy you’re classes the first ore seconds week of August for two children, a boy with 8 years old and a girl with 7. They speak little English but they are very friendly. There’s any trouble with the language?
    Also can you tell me in which centre it would be possible.( art classes).
    Thank you

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Hi Elena, I am sure your children would love the Art Camps in August. We get many Spanish Students in our summer camps – the camps are taught through English but all projects are supported with visual aids, so language is not an issue. If you are staying in the City Centre I would recommend the camp in Taney Parish Centre which is a 10 minute LUAS ride from the centre. If you know where you are staying let us know and we will recommend a camp for you. Best regards, Paul

  32. Aisling Gallagher says:

    Hi Are you holding any teenage camps in or near Celbridge this summer? I know some girls who would be really interested in the special fx make up camp.

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Hi Aisling, The Special Fx camp was a new camp for us and we are expanding to two venues this year. Unfortunately due to building work we are limited to one specialist camp in Lucan this summer – Drawing Academy on 18th July. We have Fashion, Drawing & Animation in Castleknock …. and Makeup and SFx in Clontarf & Rathfarnham. We will provide more specialist camps next year as demand grows … Best wishes, Paul

  33. Aisling says:

    Hi just wondering if you are doing any teenage camp in celbridge/leixlip or West dublin this summer?


    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Hi Aisling, We are planning to develop Lucan as a centre for Specialist Tween/ Teen Camps. Unfortunately due to building work we are limited to one camp this summer – Drawing Academy on 18th July. We have Fashion, Drawing & Animation in Castleknock …. and lots happening in Clontarf & Rathfarnham. This is a real growth area for the business … so watch this space. Best wishes, Paul

  34. Louise Donohoe says:

    Hi. Just checking if the classes are starting up again this week?

  35. Monika says:


    I live in Swords and i am looking for a drawing/painting class for my 9 years old daughter near us, where and when can we join and what is the price.

    kind regards,

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Hi Monika,

      There are classes on Tuesday at St Columba’s Parish Centre at 3.30pm; or St Andrew’s Parish Centre, Malahide on Saturdays at 10.00am or 11.10am. They cover the visual arts curriculum but there cover painting and drawing each term. For more details see http://www.artzone.ie/classes/8-12/ or give us a call on 01 4990614. Best regards, Paul

  36. David Fitzgerald says:


    Is there any adult drawing classes available around Blackrock/Stillorgan/Dundrum and when does the course commence?


    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Sorry David, All our adult classes are run in our own studios beside Rathfarnham Castle. They are well worth the travel if you can make it here. best regards, Paul

  37. Monica Montoro says:

    Hi, Im looking for drawing classes for my girl (8), near us in Howth. Could you please let me know when can she join you and prices?

  38. Elaine whyte says:

    Enquiring about weekly children’s art classes in Kildare area???

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Hi Elaine, We have public classes in Naas and Leixlip; and we are in a number of schools around Naas, Celbridge and Leixlip. Regards, Paul

  39. Ali Sweetman says:

    Hi have you tween birthday party venues in Glasnevin

  40. Lucas says:

    Hi there, may I ask you some questions? I’m living at Howth I wonder if you have any courses there? How can I register your course?

  41. Santosh Menon says:

    Hi can I book a trial class for my 11 year old son next saturday at 11:10 am in Malahide please?

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Hi Santosh, I have emailed you an invite to register and book a trial for that specific class. If you would prefer us to book it for you just give us a quick call on 01 4990614. Best regards, Paul

  42. Lorna Lalor says:


    I am looking for a 1 day workshop over the summer holidays for my little girl in clontarf / raheny. She is 6 and a half. I see you do one week camps but wondered if you do 1 day workshops?



    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Sorry Lorna, We only do full-week summer camps during the summer months. Best regards, Paul

  43. Jaqueline says:

    Hello, My daughter 12 yo, is interested in draw class, for D1 or D2, on Saturday morning, thank you for your attention.

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