Gillian Blaney Shorte - Founder &  Art Director

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Gillian is a graduate of NCAD with a Degree (Hons) in Art and Design Education. A eternal student she also studied Visual Education, Fine Art, Painting and Photography at the College of Art and Design, Dunlaoighre.  Gillian founder Artzone in 2003 after 12 years working in the formal education system and running community based art programmes.  Gillian remains the ongoing drive and inspiration behind the Artzone portfolios for classes and camps.  In true entreprenerial fashion Gillian is forever coming up with new portfolios, projects, products and services.

Louise Campbell            - Senior Teacher & Textiles Programme Designer

Louise Self Portrait

Louise Self Portrait

Louise is a grauduate of the National Collage of Art & Design with a Degree in Fashion and Certificate in Foundation Studies.  Louise also has a Certificate in Adult Literacy Tuition.  After a many years working in the Fashion and Textiles industry Louise was delighted to return to the world of Art Education with Artzone in 2004.  As well as being our Textiles expert, Louise is a tremendous source of ideas and activities for our junior portfolios, and works tirelessly on the promotion of the Artzone programme through primary schools across Dublin.

Liam Cousins - Senior Teacher &  Ceramics Programme Designer

Liam Self Portrait

Liam Self Portrait

Liam is Artzone’s specialist in Ceramics and Clay with 5 very successful exhibitions of his own work over the past 5 years.  Liam has a BA in Art & Design Education (Hons) from the National Collage of Art & Design.  Liam joined Artzone in early 2005 after two years teaching art in secondary schools.  Liam is a very popular teacher with students and parents alike and the main designer of our senior and teen portfolios.

Louise Dunne – Senior Teacher & Graphics Programme Designer

Louise Self Portrait Jigsaw Collage

Louise Self Portrait Jigsaw Collage

Louise is not the kind to blow her own trumpet but she qualified top of ther class with first class honours from Art & Design Educaion at NCAD.  Louise is a graphic design specialist and brings tremendous energy and ideas to our portfolios in this respect.  Louise is an inspiring teacher with loyal and happy students everywhere she teaches.

Jenny Cleary - Senior Art Teacher & Portfolio Finisher

Jenny Self Portrait

Jenny Self Portrait

Jenny is the longest serving part-time Art Teacher in Artzone with long and strong relationships with our students in The Red Stables, Clontarf and Donabate.  Jenny is highly qualified with a BA Hons Visual Communication & Illustration (Edinburgh College of Art); Foundation Degree Art & Design (University of West of England, Bristol); Diploma in Art & Crafts (Seljord Folkehogskule, Norway) and Advanced level certificate in secondary education (Drammen Gymnas, Norway).

Dermot Finn - Senior Teacher & Print Programme Designer

Dermot Self Portrait

Dermot Self Portrait

Dermot is another highly qualified Art Teacher from NACD, with a Degree in Fine Art and Print.  Dermot completed a post graduate diploma in Art & Education in 2007.  As a print specialist Dermot extends the range of print projects that Artzone can offer to all ages.  He worked part-time with Artzone and St Andrews College during his studies, and we were delighted now to secure his services on fulltime basis.

Kathy O’Donovan – Art Teacher & Textiles Portfolio Specialist

Kathy Self Portrait Drawing

Kathy is the first Artzone student to come full cirlce. She started out as an art student of Gillian’s in Ballyroan many years ago. Kathy qualified from NCAD with an Honours 2.1 Degree in Art Education in 2010 with experience in teaching at a number of Secondary Schools including Coláiste Eanna and St Andrew’s College.  Kathy is a Textile Specialist and is already out with a number of primary schools working on their Fabric and Fibre Programme.

Paul Shorte - Founder & Operations Director

Portrait by Anca

Portrait by Anca, RUA RED Class

A Business Manager and Management Consultant by training and experience Paul provides essential business development, marketing and operations support to the creative team.

Paul is responsible for medium and long term business planning, constantly modelling the business and developing expansion plans for new schools, venues, markets and services. It is a constant challenge to find new and better ways to finance and promote the business. His management training and experience is key to the formalisation of Artzone business and operational processes.

Sarah Rice - Office Manager

The public voice if not face of Artzone for over 3 years now Sarah is a philosophy graduate, with significant office management experience at Smart Telecom Sarah took over the day to day management of the office and administration of Artzone this year.  Sarah and her team manage all aspects of venue management, event administration, communications, promotion, bookings, payments, customer feeback and complaints.

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