Helen Dyson, Texaco Art Competition Winner 2010

Texaco Art Competition

Artzone encourage our students to enter art competitions and have enjoyed a steady stream of prize winners, including many winners each year in the prestigious Texaco Childrens Art Competition.

Artzone & Faber Castell Art Competition

Artzone also run competitions in partnership with Faber Castell for our own students.   We design our own competitions to be inspiring and fun. They are a good way of practicing your approach to planning and executing mini art projects.

We’ve just announced the winners, runners-up & Highly Commended students from our 2015 An Underwater Adventure competition. Well done to everyone who entered!

Artzone do recommend competition entry for experience and fun. It is only ever an optional extra activity and we will never compel a student to enter a competition.

Maria Usovich, Texaco Art Competition Winner, 2010

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