‘An Underwater Adventure’ competition (2015)

This year’s ‘An Underwater Adventure’ competition was our 7th year running it thanks for the support of Faber-Castell. The competition was open to all our summer camp participants (over 1,400 students!) and this year, we had to divide the entries into three separate groups: Juniors (5-7 years), Middle (7-8 years) and Seniors (9-12 years).

It was a testament to the dedication, imagination and attention to detail put in by all the students who entered that our judges awarded joint 2nd and 3rd place in all three categories! The judging process, led by Artzone’s Art Director Gillian Blaney Shorte and Senior Teacher Louise Campbell, involved ranking the entries in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, and also Highly Commending pieces which really stood out to the judges.

Well done to all involved!


5 – 7 years

  • 1st: Saoirse Lowry Mall (age 5, Dundrum camp)
  • Joint 2nd: Maedhbh McCarthy (age 5, Ballyroan camp) & Beth Corr (age 6, Lucan camp)
  • Joint 3rd: Aoife Marron (age 6, Castleknock camp) & Abigail Vitagliano (age 6, Malahide camp)

5 - 6 years: 1st place - Saoirse Lowry Mall

7 – 8 years

  • 1st: Alisa Belenkaya (age 8, Dundrum camp)
  • Joint 2nd: Ava Coburn (age 7.5, Leixlip camp) & Sara Rogers (age 7, Newbridge camp)
  • Joint 3rd: Abbie Archbold (age 7, Red Stables camp) & Anna Hanlon (age 8, Dundrum camp)

7-8 years - 1st prize - Alisa Belenkaya

9 – 12 years

  • 1st: Eve Conlon (age 12, Ballyroan camp)
  • Joint 2nd: Ellie Courtney (age 11, Leixlip camp) & Helen Jo Chacko (age 11, Lucan camp)
  • Joint 3rd: Roisin Evoy (age 10, Dundrum camp) & Rachel Lawlor (age 9, Dundrum camp)

9 - 12 years - 1st place - Eve Conlon

You can check out the full list of winners and highly commended students here: An Underwater Adventre – Winners and Highly Commended 2015.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page, where all the winning and Highly Commended pictures will be posted!

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