Artzone Bookings Terms & Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions apply to all Artzone events run for students, applied for and consented to by the parent or guardian. Changes to these terms and conditions require the written consent of Artzone.
  2. Event times and fees are published on our website and in our brochures. They will be confirmed in our booking confirmation email. An application will only be deemed to have been accepted if accompanied by the payment of fees or a deposit (€50).
  3. Receipt of the application and any fees paid at the time of application will be confirmed by email along with all relevant course details. Acceptance of a student is confirmed once that email has been issued. Any balance of fees should be paid not later than 5 working days before the first day of class/ camp.
  4. Methods of Payment: Laser, Debit or Credit Card, direct credit, direct debit, standing order, cheque or cash.
  5. Written confirmation from Artzone of an application confirming that a student has been allocated a place establishes a contract for the provision of teaching services.
  6. Cancellation: Where a student is attending any course for the first time the contract can be terminated no later than 24 hours after the second course day.
  7. Any remaining fees paid, will be fully refunded. Termination will only be accepted when received by Artzone in writing (letter, email or text).
  8. Thereafter, the contract automatically continues for the consecutive term unless it is terminated before the end of the current term. In that case the contract will expire on the last day of the current term.
  9. Artzone reserves the right to exclude students from lessons, following our disciplinary process, at its discretion.
  10. Artzone reserves the right to make changes to the timetable and to the teaching staff.
  11. Fees are reviewed annually in September.
  12. Students participate at their own risk and are obliged to inform Artzone and its staff of any existing significant medical conditions, allergies or special needs.
  13. Emergency Contact: Please make sure we have two contact numbers. We will contact you in the event of any sickness/ incident/ injury, unless very minor. If your child has any ailments, allergies or special needs let us know – we will treat this information as confidential but it helps for the teachers to know.
  14. Students are obliged to take care of their own belongings and art work. Artzone can accept no liability for lost or damaged belongings.
  15. Artzone has comprehensive insurance in place. However the liability of Artzone, and that of its staff, is restricted to event time only and then only in the case of gross negligence.
  16. Pick-up Arrangements: Our teachers will be on-site for at least 20 minutes after the camp end-time. A teacher will man the doors. Your child will not be allowed to leave the premises until a recognized family member, friend or child carer is there to collect them. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you wish to make alternative arrangements.
  17. Permission forms are available if you wish to let an older child walk home from camp.
  18. Photographs and videos may be taken of awards/ puppet / fashion/ end of camp shows for promotional reasons.
  19. We use pictures sensibly and never publish children’s names with pictures. If you do not wish your child to be involved in any photo shoots

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  1. Ceire Sadlier says:

    My daughter Juno is scheduled to attend clontarf rugby club tomorrow but is vimitting and has stomach pain. Is there any way she could come another week? Or can I cancel her booking?

    • says:

      Hi Ceire, Just call the office on 01 4990614 and explain. They will move your booking to another week. Best regards, Paul

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