Drawing Academy Camp

If you just want to explore drawing – all week!

A perfect camp for young students who want to develop or hone their drawing techniques.  Artzone Teachers are all qualified Art Teachers and specialists in their own fields.

Places are Strictly Limited to ensure individual attention and quality of learning!

The Artzone Drawing Camp will explore the techniques and skills of drawing in greater detail.  Our workshops cover various media, from traditional pencil shading to pen and ink drawing and illustration. We work from still-life observation, portraiture and landscape sketching. Students are encouraged to realise their own individual styles with the tutor’s instruction and guidance.

Drawing Academy Camp 2017

Venue: The Red Stables Art Centre
Dates: Monday 10th to Friday 15th July

Venue Church of Ireland Parish Centre, Castleknock
Dates: Monday 31st July to Friday 4th August

Venue: Taney Parish Centre, Dundrum
Dates: Tuesday 7th to Friday 11th August

For: All Students Ages 10+
Time: 10.00am – 2.00pm
Fees (5-day camps): €150; Sibling Discount of 7.5% for 2nd or more …
Fees (4-day camp): €125; Sibling Discount of 7.5% for 2nd or more …

A truly great way for any 12 year old to spend a week.  Creative and fun with well organised and confident Artzone Tutors, as always.  Mary Stewart, Parent, Summer Camp, June 2015

21 Responses to “Drawing Academy Camp”

  1. Catherine O'Reilly says:

    Hi do you have a second week for the drawing academy camp as we are going on holidays Fri 3rd july

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Hi Catherine, This is a new camp run by our main Adult Drawing Teacher – we are just starting with the one week. There are comic book illustration camps that focus heavily on drawing if she was looking for an alternative week. Sorry Paul

  2. Gitana says:

    My daughter is interested in drawing camp.
    Do you have it only for one week this summer, no other dates ?
    She will be in other camp a week before and prefers to have a break before going to another camp.

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Hi Gitana, This is a new camp run by our main Adult Drawing Teacher – we are just starting with the one week. There are comic book illustration camps that focus heavily on drawing if she was looking for an alternative week. Sorry Paul

  3. Inma Guadalix says:

    Dear sir / Madam,

    Next July I am planning to sign up my daugther 9 years old in the drawing Camp. I was wondering if you have other activity (same time and location) for my 7 years old daugther.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

  4. Síle says:

    am very interested in getting drawing classes for all my girls – 9, 11 and 13. They have done Artzone and enjoyed it but each one would like lessons in how to draw. I see the camp is only one week but letting you know they would definitely do it if you extend to leixlip

    would you consider weekly class of drawing in Leixlip?

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Hi Sile, Our specialist camps are booking really well this year, with many booked out already. We have launched animation and comic book illustration in Clontarf and Castleknock this year. We will do the same in Leixlip or Lucan next year. Best regards, Paul

  5. mariano says:

    Hello, I wonder if at this camp can be targeted for children 5 years old next July. thanks

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Hi Mariano, We concentrate on building skills and confidence across all streams of the curriculum with 5 – 7 year olds. We keep it fresh and exciting for them. This gives them a much stronger base on which to build when they begin to specialise later. Even students who look for specialist classes/ camps at that age look for variety very quickly. Regards, Paul

  6. Emer says:

    Some schools including my sons doesn’t finish till Tuesday 30th so unfortunately your week won’t suit many children.

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Hi Emer, We know some schools are running to the 30th so we are not running much that week. We added the Drawing Academy to the programme just to try it out. It is almost booked out – it is something we will do again! Regards, Paul

  7. Alma says:

    Hi, my daughter was in this camp last year and liked it a lot.
    She would like to go this year again, but wonders will the program be different, as it would not make sense for her to do the same things again.
    If it is more/less the same, she will select some other Arts zone camp.

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Hi Alma, Last year was our first Drawing Camp. Orla will be putting together a new programme this year that included some elements of last year and a lot of new stuff. It will be a great week for any student who loves to draw whether they are regular class students or not. Best regards, Paul

  8. Carmen Puiggali says:

    Hello: My son Pablo is going to stay in July in Portmarnock, with a very known an appreciate family who has received him during the last two years. I’m looking for some summer camps in July for Pablo and Sinead, the Irish mother has told me about your art school. Pablo is a very nice artist. He has a special skill for art. You can ask about him in Sutton Park School. I’ve seen in your web there’s a course of drawing during 18 to 22 July. I’m interested about this course. Can Pablo do it?. Please let me know.

    ¿Do you have any more summer courses in July of drawing?. Pablo is going to stay since first July until 24/25 (I’m looking air plain passage..)

    Thank you so much

    Carmen Puiggali

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Hi Carmen, We have a very good art camp in St Andrew’s Parish Centre, Malahide from Monday 18th to Friday 22nd of July or we have Comic Book Illustration for Ages 10+ in the Red Stables Art Centre, Clontarf from Monday 25th to Friday 29th July. Best regards, Paul

  9. karen capcarrere says:

    Do you have any availability for the 18-22 July 2016 for one girl aged 11

  10. karen capcarrere says:

    Do you have any availability for one girl in st Marys national school in Lucan from the 18-22 July 2016. Specifically the drawing camp

  11. Janine Breen says:

    My daughter is 15 and in second year, I would like to enquire is the Drawing Academy Camp in Tansey Parish Hall from 7th – 11th August would be suitable of her. I am wondering if she is older than the average group and is there is another camp for older teenagers?
    Thanking you in advance.

  12. Janine Breen says:

    My daughter is 15 and in second year and she is interested in attending the Drawing Academy in the Tansey Parish Hall from 7th – 11th August. We are wondering is she might be older than the average group and if so is there another drawing camp suitable for older teenagers?
    Thanking you in advance
    Best Regards

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Hi Janine, The majority of Academy Camp students tend to be 12 – 14 years. There are two 15 year olds booked into that camp at the moment. There are only 5 places left. The teachers are all very experienced secondary school qualified art teachers. It is a great programme but there are a good few 12 and 13 year olds booked at the moment. Our own 15 year old teenage daughter did this camp in Rathfarnham last year on her own and loved it. Regards, Paul

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