Fashion Academy Camps

As one of the trendiest students in your school you most love fashion. Why not join the Artzone Fashion Academy this Summer.   Learn about fashion, mood boards, fashion drawing and design.

Learn to use a sewing machine with expert tuition.  Use everything you learn to design, cut and sew your very own outfit.  This summer we are designing and creating a beautiful and bespoke “paper bag” skirt …. Exhibit your designs and creations at our end of camp Exhibition. Places are limited to 15 to ensure a high level of one-on-one tuition.  Booking is essential!

Fashion Academy Summer Camps 2017

Venue:Artzone Studios, Rathfarnham
Week 1:  Monday 3rd – Friday 7th July
Week 2: Monday 21st – Friday 25th August

See also Sewing Camp 31st July – 4th August.

Time: 10.00am – 2.00pm
For: Girls & Boys, ages 10+
Fees (5-day camps): 1st Student – €150; Sibling Discount 7.5% for 2nd or more children …

Strictly Limited Places to ensure individual attention and quality of learning!

Check out the very first Artzone Fashion Academy end of camp show:-

40 Responses to “Fashion Academy Camps”

  1. Fiona says:

    I was wondering if you will be running another fashion camp later in the summer, we would be interested the week of 13th of August.
    Regards, Fiona

    • says:

      Hi Fiona. We are running the fashion camp again in Rathfarnham in early July and in The Red Stables Art Centre, Raheny in August. All dates and times are on the website. We will also launch a weekly Fashion Academy Class Programme from early September to run over the academic year. Paul, Artzone

      • Ela says:

        Hi Paul, the weekly Fashion Axcademy class that you say will run from September, what will the minimum age for that? Our daughter is turning 9 in May and she’s been waiting to join this, we have a leaflet which mentions the age of 9, but I can see that the minimum age for the camp is 10.

        • says:

          Hi Ela, She will be fine at 9. We pitched the Easter Camp at 10+ because we were getting a lot of 8 year old girls and they really weren’t ready for it. We are going to run with the 9+ year age limit for the summer and September. Best regards, Paul

  2. Anna Di Renzo says:

    Dear Paul,
    We are very interested in the fashion academy and see you have now put a second camp in August. Our interest is in an August camp on the southside. Is there any chance of this? We are faithful artzoners!

    • says:

      Hi Anna, The Fashion Academy will be an ongoing thing with Artzone. We have camps in July (Rathfarnham) and August (Raheny) and a weekly class programme will start in September…. and there will be more camps! We have Animation and Comic Book Illustration in Rathfarnham this August if that is of any interest. Paul

  3. Molly says:

    Hi , We really like the description of the fashion academy camp. Is there any chance you might run one in Malahide? Thanks Molly

    • says:

      Hi Molly, We are bringing the Fashion Academy Camp to The Red Stables Art Centre in August. It is really popular so we will look at ways to bring it to other major centres like Malahide. Extra Rental charges and storage of our machines are the biggest issues. If you can make it to the Red Stables it will be a great camp. Paul

  4. Nessa Molumby says:

    Are you planning to run the Fashion Academy in Taney ? We are very interested but Rathfarnham and Raheny are too far away for us. Thanks Nessa

    • says:

      Sorry Nessa, One of the key ingredients of the Fashion Academy are the sewing machines. We have the space and storage facilities in our Rathfarnham Studios. Parish Centres aren’t really set up to suit this camp. The additional rent and costs pushes the camps beyond affordability. If you can make it to Rathfarnham it is a great camp. Paul

  5. Jennifer Kavanagh says:

    Can you please advise if you plan to do any other fashion academy camps on the northside this summer.

    • says:

      Hi Jennifer. We havent tied down the specialist side of the summer programme yet. We usually run something for Tweens/ Teens in The Red Stables, and we are discussing a colaboration with The Seamus Ennis Arts Centre. We will make decisions within the next couple of weeks. Regards, Paul

  6. Viv Crooks says:

    Hi there,

    Just wondering if you have dates for your summer camps yet. I have a daughter who is interested in the fashion camp.



    • says:

      Hi Viv, We have one confirmed Fashion Camp in Artzone Studios July 1st – 5th – we have some bookings for this already. We will possibly run a second in August once we work out our dates for Animation, Comic Book Illustration, Photography, Make-up/ Special Effects, Film … We have a very exciting summer ahead. Regards, Paul

  7. Cherry says:

    I am really interested in your camp but I will be away in Portugal for the first week of July. Is there any chance you could have the camp again any other week of July or August because Me and a few of my friends were really hoping to go as it looks like lots of fun

    • says:

      Hi Cherry, We are reviewing the camp programme later this week. The July Fashion Camp is almost booked out so we may decide to launch a second one in August. Keep an eye on our Facebook Page for announcements. Thanks for your feedback and enquiry. Paul, Artzone

  8. Hannah says:

    What age girls children mostly show up, ?! Do most of them come in friend groups?!

    • says:

      Hi Hannah, Most girls are between 10 – 14 years at the Fashion Academy, although we do get some younger and older who are very interested. Many girls come on their own. The programme involves lots of group activities so they make new friends very quickly. The teachers keep an eye out and will encourage mixing where necessary. Best regards, Paul

  9. Janice says:


    Is there any possibility of running a fashion camp in Dunboyne, co Meath ??

    • says:

      Hi Janice, We are running one in Castleknock this summer on 28th July – 1st August. We tend to only run these camps in well established class and camp areas. We have no plans for specialist camps in the area at the moment but wiith the growth of classes in Clonee, Dunboyne and Ashbourne we will look at this as demand grows. Regards, Paul

  10. Lior says:

    Hi Paul,

    I would to know what is the group size? and who are the totur?

    • says:

      The Tutor is Louise Campbell, a senior Artzone Teacher and Textiles/ Fashion Specialist. The max group size is 15. This is a really good camp, and always fills early. Best regards, Paul

  11. Sinead says:

    Do you have camps outside of Dublin

  12. Cathy says:

    Hi I was wondering when the next fashion course will be starting as my 13yr old is really interested in doing it. We live in whitehall so Rahney would suit best.

    Kind Regards

    • says:

      Sorry Cathy, Our Fashion Academy Classes are based in our own studios in Rathfarnham. We will have a camp in The Red Stables next summer. Best regards, Paul

  13. Ela says:

    Are you planning any fashion classes/camps in Leixlip, Lucan or West Dublin area? Thanks, Ela.

    • says:

      Hi Ela, Louise found it too hard last few times bringing all her machines, materials, leads etc to another venue. The camps and classes are going really well at our base here in Rathfarnham. We are just going to continue to expand here. The Animation and Comic Book Illustration Camps are running in Castleknock and Raheny this year. We have a new venue in Lucan so hopefully we will run a specialist camp there next year. Best regards,Paul

  14. Linda says:

    Hi, is the minimum age of 10 set in stone?
    My daughter is 9 and would adoreba sewing or fashion camp, it would be great if you could facilitate her.

    • says:

      Hi Linda, The age is not a strict age for insurance purposes or anything like that. It is just an indication of the age at which students will tend to cope with the project. We do have some 9 year olds, particularly in the Sewing Camp. The camp is limited to 15 places so there is lots of one on one coaching. Call the office on 01 4990614 if you wish to discuss or just book online any time. Best regards, Paul

  15. Gugu Ngwenya says:

    Hi there,
    I was wondering if there will be a summer fashion academy bootcamp for summer 2017? and are beginners require any experience?

    thank you

    • says:

      There will be Fashion Academy Camps next summer. They are a regular feature of our Academy Programme.


  16. Gillian says:

    can you tell me where and when you will be running the fashion camp in Raheny this summer. My 9 year old would love to attend.

    • says:

      Sorry Gillian, The closest Fashion Camp will be in Castleknock this Summer. It is the hardest Camp to move around because of the sheer volume of machines, dummies, materials, portfolios … Paul

  17. Ombretta says:

    Hi, is the fashion academy camp in early JUly open also to foreign kids? We are an Italian family planning to visit Ireland to have our 9 years old girl going to a local camp to improve her basics in English and have fun. She loves fashion.
    Thank you

    • says:

      Hi Ombretta, We get many Spanish, French and Italian students joining our summer camps. While the majority of students will local the camps are very social with plenty of time for chat! Best regards, Paul

  18. ombretta says:

    Will it be ok for a 16 year old girl too? or would she be to old? thank you

    • says:

      Hi Ombretta, We have had many 16 year old girls in the past. There is no reason she wouldnt enjoy the camp. Regards, Paul

      • ombretta says:

        Thank you. How could we reach the venue from downtown Dublin with public transport? how long will il take?Is there a school bus service?
        A last question: how does the lunch work, will we have to provide sandwiches?

        • says:

          The 16 or 15B bus routes stop at Rathfarnham Castle – just two minutes walk from our studios which are the first building on Castleside Drive. For lunch you just send a sandwich, a drink and a snack. The children are brought to the park for a break and some games. Best regards, Paul

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