Painting Classes

All Levels: Ideal for Beginners & Improvers but Advanced Students will benefit too:

Excellent Classes lead by Real Art Teachers.  The Artzone Adult Painting Classes aim to help develop student’s skills and techniques so you can get the most out of your painting experience. During the course we aim to cover areas like Landscape, Still Life, Portraiture and Painting from Observation.

We primarily work with Acrylics but do not limit ourselves to any one medium combining acrylic paint with charcoal, pastels etc….

Throughout the course we work on different skills, methods and techniques in paint, such as colour mixing and paint application. While the course is taught through brief demonstrations, tutorials and group discussions each week, the majority of the time is dedicated to your own work. Students will get plenty of individual support and direction from the Class Teacher to help develop your own style and process.


Artzone Studios, Castleside Drive, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14

Class Times:

Monday 10.00am – 12.00
Monday 7.00 – 9.00pm
Tuesday 2.00 – 4.00pm
Thursday 10.00am – 12.00
Thursday 7.00 – 9.00pm
Friday 10.00am – 12.00


Just €120 for 8 week term of 2 hour workshops

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Or to book a 3-class trial voucher for €45
Call us on (01) 4990614

57 Responses to “Painting Classes”

  1. Tamara says:

    Just wondering when these courses start?

    • says:

      The classes run throughout the academic year Tamara. There are people joining all the time. Best regards, Paul

  2. Cathy says:

    Hi there,

    I am interested in joining one of the adult morning classes – I am just wondering, what materials would I need to bring on the first week? If there is space in the classes I would love to join on the week of the 17th of March.

    Thanks and all the best


    • says:

      Hi Cathy, There is space in either Painting Classes (Monday with David, or Thursday with Liam). The Drawing Class is full at the moment but there will be a place free for Term 4 starting on 18th March with Louise. There are also places available in the Watercolour Painting class with Eimear on Wednesdays. There are materials available free at the class to get you up and running. Most people like to buy their own set of materials – the teachers will advise; or we can order a starter pack for you. We have a special deal with Specialist Crafts. Best regards, Paul

  3. Mo Murray says:

    I am interested in your water colour classes and would like to do a 3 class trial pack in October. Is this possible? And if so when would i need to book?

    • says:

      No problem Mo. You can book your trial classes at any stage. The Watercolour painting class really took off last year and is perfect for beginners and improvers. The classes are starting back in the second week of September. People are beginning to book at this stage. Give us a call on 01 4990614 when you want to register and Sarah or Rachel will sort you out. Best regards, Paul

  4. Donal Tuomey says:

    I was just wondering, are there any places left on the Monday evening Painting course, 7pm-9pm? I enjoyed the Monday morning class last year and would like to get back into painting.
    Many thanks,

    • says:

      Hi Donal, There are still places in the Monday class. You can pop in next Monday and meet Orla the teacher; or drop us a line to and we will book you in advance. Best regards, Paul

  5. salma says:

    I am interested in painting/drawing evening classes for beginners, is there a place in one of your running classes ?

    • says:

      Hi Salma, Our classes will be perfect for you – the tutors are all qualified and practicing Art Teachers. There are places in the evening Painting Classes on Monday (with Orla) and Thursday (with Paul). There are also a couple of places left in the Drawing Class (with Eimear) on Tuesdays. We have a trial class for €5 offer at the moment. Just call one of the team on 01 4990614 to discuss the best option for you. Best regards, Paul

  6. Ronie says:

    I was wondering if perhaps you might have classes in the Castleknock/Blanchardstown area, myself and some other ladies who are all retired would just love to join a group for art classes.
    Thanks for your time.
    Ronie De Brun

    • says:

      Sorry Ronie, Our Adult Classes are run at our own Studios beside Rathfarnham Castle. They are really good classes but I appreciate they may be a bit far away for your group. If you would like to try a class at any stage give me a call 01 4990614 and I will set you up with a free trial. Best regards, Paul

  7. Christina Roisin says:

    Hi there,
    I was just wondering, are there any places left on the Monday or Thursday evening Painting course, 7pm-9pm? I am also interested in the starter pack that is mentioned above.

    Kind regards

    • says:

      Hi Christina, There are places in both classes. The Monday class with Orla has had a few beginners join recently, but there are places with Paul Mac on Thursdays as well. Just give us a quick call on 01 4990614 to book a trial on either night. There is basic equipment available in the classes to get you up and running. We have starter sets if you need one for yourself. Best regards, Paul

  8. Sindy Offer says:

    Hi I am interested in an evening painting class preferably watercolours.

    When does your next class start, and are there places still available.

    Many thanks


    • says:

      Hi Sindy, We will be launching an Evening Watercolours Class with Eimear on Wednesdays in September. At the moment with have two acrylics painting classes with availability on Monday with Orla and Thursday with Paul Mac. Both are very experienced teachers and get great feedback. Give us a quick call on 01 4990614 or email to book a trial class. Happy Easter! Paul

  9. Amanda Deasy says:

    I am really keen to join a daytime painting class. I’m an absolute beginner, having only played around with some acrylics at home by myself.

    Can you let me know if or when there might be some space available, for an untalented, but enthusiastic novice!


    • says:

      Hi Amanda, Our Monday morning class (10am – 12 noon) with Eimear would be perfect for you. Otherwise there is a class on Thursdays with Liam (same times). The teachers are all qualified Art Teachers so they are great to work with. The classes are teacher-lead, but they are very social and they get great results. Give us a quick call on 01 4990614 or email to book a trial class. Happy Easter! Paul

  10. supriya says:

    Hi, I am Interested in Monday morning classes 10 to 12.
    Are there any places available for Monday morning classes.Want to join as early as possible.


    • says:

      Yes Supriya, That is a really good class with Eimear. She has had a lot of new students this year so you would be very welcome to come along next Monday week (no class this Monday due to bank holiday). Best regards, Paul

  11. Anna says:

    Are you classes running throughout summer? I’m interested in evening class-either painting or drawing. I would really appreciate your response.



    • says:

      Hi Anna, I am afraid we are finishing up next week until the second week of September. We have some excellent painting and drawing classes starting back then. Best regards, Paul

  12. Sharon says:

    I’m interested in doing either the painting or jewellery design class in the evenings in September. Are there places available?

    Many thanks

    • says:

      Hi Sharon, There are plenty of places in all classes at the moment. The classes wont begin to book up until we do existing student rebooks in late August. We have a large team of qualified art teachers. As classes fill we will add more options to meet demand. Let us know which class you interested in and we can book a provisional place for you. You can confirm your place with payment at any stage. Regards, Paul

  13. Philip Berman says:

    Hi Paul, Could you please let me know the dates of the autumn term for the adult painting course on Thursday mornings with Liam?

    Many thanks


    • says:

      Hi Philip, We are starting back on Thursday 10th September. However as an existing customer if you cant start until later in September we will hold your place for you. Just let us know in advance. Best regards, Paul

  14. Charlie Zhao says:

    Hi I am interested in the painting classes but would be a complete beginner. Friday mornings are particular good times for me. Would that work ok? I’d be interested in the 3 session trial period too.

    What materials would I need to bring along?

    Many. thanks,

    Charlie Zhao

    • says:

      Hi Charlie, The Friday morning class is for beginners – it would be a perfect class for you. Just give us a quick call on 01 4990614 or you can book online anytime. Best regards.

  15. Paula Morrissey says:

    Hi, I would like to join the beginner adult art class (painting) – 7-9 on Thursdays . Is there spaces available and when could I start if so?
    Thanks a million.

    • says:

      Hi Paula, We only got your message (and 100 others) this morning when we turned back on our servers. We usually reply to all emails and messages within 24 hours. There are places on the Thursday evening class. If you have not already contacted us another way just call Karen or Sarah on 01 4990614 to discuss your best options. It is a great time to start the year as there will be many new students. Happy New Year! Paul

  16. Dominic says:

    When are your adult art classes starting in 2016?

    • says:

      Hi Dominic, The Adult Classes start back tomorrow Wednesday 6th of January. It is a great time to start the year as there will be many new students. Just call Karen or Sarah on 01 4990614 to discuss your best options. Happy New Year! Paul

  17. Bro says:


    Just wondering what classes you have on on Monday or Wed night’s? I was hoping to start a beginners class in either water colour or painting if there is space available.


    • says:

      Hi Bronagh, We have a very goof painting class (acrylics) on Monday night with Orla. She has beginners and improvers. It is not a huge class so you will get plenty of individual attention as well as the formal demonstrations and discussions each weeks. Just call 01 4990614 to register or call into the studios 5 minutes early to talk to Orla. Best regards, Paul

  18. Patricia Reed says:

    is there any places available on Thursday evening for 2 people?

    • says:

      There are places on Thursday evening Patricia. Just call 01 4990614 to register and you can start this Thursday if you are available. Best regards, Paul

  19. Magda says:

    I’m interested in acrylic painting classes for beginners. Is there a place available on Monday or Thursday evenings to start in February?
    Thank you

  20. Geri Fortune says:

    Hi, I’m just wondering if there any spaces in beginners painting classes, I’m not pushed if it’s day or evening, just want to get started

    • says:

      Yes Geri, There are places on Monday or Friday morning and Monday or Thursday Evening for Beginners Painting. Just give us a quick call on 01 4990614 to discuss your options and register. Regards, Paul

  21. Amaal says:

    Do you have summer classes for 17+ (June-Sept 2016)?

  22. Nisha says:


    Do you have Adult summer classes?

    Best Regards

  23. Dee says:

    I am asking if you have adults art classes please thanks

  24. Eric Kinlan says:

    Hi I am inquiring about your Adult Art classes and when the next term commences.
    Many thanks

    • says:

      Hi Eric, We take a break for the summer and come back with the adult classes on the third week of September. There is time to get a trial block (3 classes) in before the summer break. Regards, Paul

  25. Vanessa says:

    Hi I am really interested in learning how to use watercolours, Every time I try on my own I completely fail I feel, With work I would only be able to do evenings and wondering if there are any classes and would I need to cook them in advance, Would I need to bring anything? Thank you

    • says:

      Hi Vanessa, We dont have a watercolour class in the evenings. We have launched afternoon classes this september. If they take off we will be adding another watercolour option. Sorry. Paul

  26. Aisling Rooney says:

    Do you have space in the Thursday or Friday morning adult painting classes for a beginner in october?


  27. Con says:

    Hi just seeing is there places left for 2 people on Thursday evenings, and if so when does course start

  28. Anita says:

    Hi there
    Just wondering when the next start date is for a complete beginner to do the acrylic classes?

    Thanks !

    • says:

      Hi Anita, You can join at any stage, but we get a lot of beginners starting in January. Best regards, Paul

  29. Louise says:

    Hi there
    Both my daughters attend artzone classes after school on Griffith Ave and I just noticed that you do adult art classes in Rathfarnham. Are there any adult art classes on the North side of the city?


    • says:

      We only run adult classes in Rathfarnham at the moment Louise. It is very small element of what we do. We are meeting with Dublin City Council about expanding our services in The Red Stables. We may launch Adult Classes as part of that programme. We will email everyone in the database with any news like that. Many thanks, Paul

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