Artist in Residence

Artzone Teachers are not just Art Teachers.  They are accomplished Artists in their own right.  They research and develop projects for the Primary School Curriculum on a daily basis.

We can help you take the fear out of some of the more intricate subjects such as print, textiles, needle work or 3D Construction.   Artzone have been employed by schools, local councils and galleries to work with a specific class or group of students on an intense 4-10 week art project for over 10 years.

Artzone teachers bring a range of specialist subjects to life with well planned and tutored projects including:-

  • Print Making
  • Fabric & Fibre
  • Ceramics & 3D
  • Graphic Design
  • Painting
  • Puppetry
  • Animation
  • Comic Book Illustration
  • Drawing ….

An Artzone teacher will work with the consistent group of students once or twice a week over the term of the programme to deliver a school related art project:-

  • A puppetry project resulting in a school puppet show;
  • A school mural project;
  • Textile project to prepare for Holy Communion or Confirmation;
  • A Poster Project to promote awareness of  social issues;
  • A ceramics/ 3D project to decorate a school for Christmas/ Halloween/ Easter;
  • Textile and Design project leading to fashion show;
  • Paint or Print Project leading to an in-school exhibition.


2 Responses to “Artist in Residence”

  1. Anne Smith says:

    I would like to enquire regarding you/an art teacher coming into a national school in Dublin city centre to do a variety of workshops with children ranging from Junior Infants to 6th Class. Would be especially interested in art work for the confirmation and the communion classes. We are a DEIS band 1 school. Many thanks Anne 086 6081956

    • says:

      Hi Anne, We would be delighted to design and run a programme for you. While we are not funded we have done a lot of work with the School Completion Programme and Council in the past. I will get one of our Senior Teachers to call you to discuss some ideas. Then we can put a specific proposals together for you. Best wishes, Paul

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