Extra Curricular Classes

A top quality programme:-

Artzone run an extracurricular arts programme for a range of primary schools.  Schools incorporating the Artzone as an extra curricular offering are offering the very best art education for their students from fully qualified Art Teachers.

A Proven Curriculum that exceeds the National Standards:-

The Artzone programme is a real standards-based art programme, developed through constant research and development over 7 years. It exceeds the National Standards for Visual Arts Education. We constantly invest in new portfolio research and development.

Experienced and Qualified Artzone Teachers:-

Artzone teachers are fully qualified (typically from the Faculty of Education, NCAD) and trained in the execution of the Artzone curriculum, focused on developing confidence and encoraging natural creativity in children.

A Comprehensive programme:-

Our team of experienced artists and teachers design the Artzone curriculum. They focus on providing a balanced programme that build skills, knowledge and confidence over time. Artzone’s programme offers students experience with a wide variety of materials, techniques, and styles. Students use specialty materials, learn about contemporary and master artists, explore art from around the world, work in 2 and 3 dimensions and more!

GREAT value:-

Artzone has made a massive investment in developing our curriculum and portfolios over 15 years, and continue to invest in research and development of new portfolios! Your school immeadiately benefits from this programme.

Praise from students, parents, teachers and administrators:-

The Artzone programme has been widely praised by students, parents, teachers and administrators. We’d be happy to share quotes, comments and references.

Artzone aspire to be the very best in art education and work really hard to achieve this!

The Artzone Team are enthusiastic, highly skilled talented teachers who offer a well organised comprehensive programme of work. They take into consideration the individual strengths and weaknesses of the children and differentiate the programme accordingly.  The teachers observe the school policies on discipline, anti-bullying and child protection. Doreen Duignan, Principal, Kilbride National School, April 2010



7 Responses to “Extra Curricular Classes”

  1. interested in the after school acttivities….Tuesday 11th sep.

  2. Lisa Freeley says:

    Hi there

    I wish to enrol two girls in your art classes on a Wednesday in mount Anville they will both be in first class.

    Kind regards

    Lisa Freeley

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Hi Lisa, give the office a quick call on 01 4063915 asap to secure your places (the Wednesday class is particularly popular). Regards, Paul

  3. Mel says:

    Hi I’d like to enquire if you have on going special effects make up or just for summer teen camp?
    My daughter took part in the summer camp this year and enjoyed it immensely. She would be very interested if you had another or if it is an extra curricular.
    Thank you, and congratulations and well done for providing such a fantastic service for teens!

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      We are going to review all our Academy (Specialist) Subjects and look at widening the programme. At the moment most of them just run for the summer time. However they have all sold out this summer so there is obviously demand for that age group. Regards, Paul

  4. Lyndsey says:

    I’m wondering would you consider holding extra classes in Sandymount in one of the other schools (preferably Scoil Mhuire) we would be interested in hearing from you.

    • Paul.Shorte@artzone.ie says:

      Hi Lyndsey, We made a formal proposal to Ms Price at Scoil Mhuire in May but we haven’t had any formal reply. If there is someone else in the school we should be talking to let us know and we will follow up. Fingers crossed! Paul

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