Ask The Art Teacher

Have you ever read the Primary School Visual Art Curriculum. We have! It has fabulous depth, and is truly challenging and inspiring. However we are a team of qualified Art Teachers, specialists in our field and teaching art fulltime.  We have to pool our specialist skills and knowledge to interpret the curriculum, and deliver projects that cover the curriculum.

Ask the Art Teacher is a new Artzone Service for Primary or Montessori School Teachers. It is open to all – teachers, parents, youth leaders … anyone planning an art project. We are here to help you whatever your needs, whether you:-

  • are struggling with some aspect the Primary Schools Visual Arts Curriculum;
  • want to try a new discipline;
  • want to spice up an old project;
  • are stuck on a project; or
  • just want to source specialist materials.
  • Our qualified art teachers will use their specialist knowledge and years of experience teaching art to answer your questions.

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      Where would I get a supply of sheets for a press printing project in Dublin

      You can order press print sheets online from They deliver.

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    1 - Notification of when your question has been answered. (Optional) Down the line we may be able to help you in a more hands on way, with:-

  • One to one mentoring.
  • Compile a step by step guide for a project you are planning
  • A classroom pack with all the equiptment you need to deliver a project
  • In-service art teacher training in your school
  • Art Teacher in residence project for your class
  • Whole school art programme based on a joint needs assessment