Social Media Executive

We are looking for a fully paid Social Media Executive right now!

Are you looking to develop your career in social media? Are you keen to take control and put all you’ve learned and experienced into practice in a bright and busy organisation?  Can you write well? Can you tell a story?

Who? You might be a new graduate keen to take on the real world or a young mum looking to get back into the world.

This is a paid opportunity, full or part-time for someone looking for real responsibility to tell the story of a young, busy, professional Art School!

Artzone is constantly growing and innovating; we are always pushing the boundaries of visual art education for our students. Our idea of fun is to research and deliver portfolios that delight our students and wow their parents. We work with all sorts of students, young and old; curious creatives and passionate artists.
This is the perfect chance for you to use your imagination and express yourself as a social media executive.  We are looking for someone to join our team now, and if you work out, it could turn into a permanent position. We tend to promote from within – a chance for both of us to find out what the other is like.
Plus we pay market rates.

Essential: You must be able to write or edit text. Poor spellers, bad grammar and grainy images is not welcome around here! We want great copy, bright and colourful posts to reflect our great portfolios. So fluency in English is a must. You are comfortable on Social Media and understand the basics of Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest. And you are truly a self-starter – not just as a description on your CV!

The Artzone Staff Contract

  • You are guaranteed to acquire tangible skills from your very first week. We are always testing out new tools, and ways of doing things for our students that help them be more creative, make us more productive and that will ensure you learn.
  • You will be mentored on the different writing styles for blogs, reports, posts, and pulse by an Industry Professional. You will contribute as part of the team to create great content for Artzone on our Website, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest and other social media platforms.
  • Working with images and video is a must for all digital marketers. This could be sourcing, filtering, resizing, overlaying… don’t worry you’re not expected to be a designer – we’ll show you how!
  • Measuring and testing are key requirements of marketing, and you’ll be in charge of specific reports and analysis each week. You will develop your analytical skills, for example, reviewing performance of past campaigns to identify what causes great results.
  • It’s important that we all keep up to date on new developments in Social Media, so an interest in reading blogs and other sources of learning is good. Being able to summarise what you’ve read and share it with the team is better.

The Culture

You will be working in a young, vibrant private art school, run by the most qualified and experienced art teaching professionals in the country. Our students are keen, and we research, plan and deliver for them.

It’s a growing but tight team, based in the suburbs – if you’re looking for an agency-type environment with lots of people to have lunch with, this is not it!

On the other hand, if you are out to gain real skills and experience, in a dynamic educational environment and truly know what it means to have ‘work as fun’ then this is it!

How To Apply

Please don’t send a CV and a Dear Sir cover letter.  Instead send us an email telling us in 140 characters or less why you’re the best person to be our social media executive, and we’ll take it from there.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and let’s talk soon!

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  1. I have just graduated from the Creative Digital Media course at the Institute of Technology Tallaght and I have very keen interest in both Social Media and Graphic Design. I’ve studied both in a college environment and now I’d love the opportunity to get some real-world experience in this area. I’m a creative person who is eager to start working and learn some more. Hopefully I’m the type of person you’re looking for! I have attached my CV with some information about my degree and myself. Thanks for taking the time to read this short letter and I hope to hear from you at some point in the near future!
    Many Thanks
    Kevin Connell

    • says:

      Hi Kevin, Your timing is excellent. Could you make sure to send this to We track and manage all applications for all positions through that mailbox. Best regards, Paul

  2. Vladimir says:

    Hi, i was wondering if this position is position is still opened?

  3. says:

    Hi Rory, Your timing is excellent. Could you make sure to send this to We track and manage all applications for all positions through that mailbox. Best regards, Paul

  4. says:

    Hi Maria, Your timing is excellent. Could you make sure to send this to We track and manage all applications for all positions through that mailbox. Best regards, Paul

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