5 Quality Costume Ideas for Kids You Can Create Yourself (05/10/2015)

Halloween is just around the corner, and that can mean one thing for many children: costumes! Kids often have a whole range of different ideas for Halloween costumes for trick or treating that seem to change on a daily basis. We’ve found that all the planning and creating that goes into making a costume is nearly as much fun as Halloween night itself! We’ve compiled five brilliant and varied costumes (plus some tips and “Tricks”) that hopefully will help inspire you and your little ones in creating a brilliant and unique costume, without having to pay big money in a costume shop.

Artzone's DIY Frozen mask - one of the many themes offered for an Artzone party!

1. Minion

It’s evident that the Minions from the Despicable Me movies really have taken over the world with the release of their own feature film this year. They’re sure to be popular amongst older and younger children. Combine this costume with some made up “Minionese” during Trick or Treating for an added comic effect!

You’ll need:

  • A yellow hat or hairband
  • Yellow face paint
  • Big goofy goggles (tip: if you have a pair of snorkelling goggles left over from a summer adventure, these look great!)
  • Yellow t-shirt
  • Denim dungarees (or combine a denim top and shorts for the same effect)
  • Black gloves
  • Black shoes (make sure they’re comfortable for all the walking they’ll be doing going from house to house!)

These costumes are hardly 'despicable'! Image credit: Ebay

2. Vampire

Vampires are always a popular choice at Halloween. Image credit: PlymouthFancyDress.com

Sometimes going for a classic costume is best, and a spooky vampire look always works well – plus it doesn’t have to take hours of work to assemble! Add some ghostly white face paint and a BIG hairstyle to a formal suit to complete the otherworldly look.

You’ll need:

  • Face paints (white for face, black for shadowing under the eyes and cheeks and red for the BLOOD)
  • Hairspray (to style Vlad’s hair!)
  • A white shirt with a big collar (can be a school shirt)
  • Dark clothes to wear: the more formal the better
  • Optional: a cape!

Tip: you can make the Trick or Treating troupe even scarier by adding a bat familiar. To make the wings, cut up an old umbrella to make these, as shown by Evil Mad Scientist.

A clever idea for a Bat Familiar. Image credit: EvilMadScientist

3. Witch

Are you a good witch… or a bad witch?

Witches have had a bit of a redemption in pop culture recently, with Wicked’s Elphaba and Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent both showing a more positive side of gals with magic. As such, we’ll leave it up to you to decide how wicked or wonderful your witch costume wants to be.

What you’ll need:

  • A hat or crown – stripy or pointy works best
  • A wand or stick. Use lots of glitter on the end of the wand for some shimmering magic when they cast spells (tip: to save on clean up – do this outside!)
  • For a darker witch: cut holes in fishnet tights and wear it as under the costume for some a mysterious arm and neck pattern
  • For a good witch: upcycle a princess dress (because who says a gal can’t be a princess AND a good witch)

Evil Witch Costume. Image credit: DIYHalloweenCostume

Good Witch Costume. Image credit: Juicy-Bits.Typepad.com

Or for the more ambitious amongst us, you could try and show how not all witches are either good or bad; this one’s not for the faint-hearted!

Good AND Bad Witch Costume. Image credit: CostumeWorks.com

Some seriously spooky ideas already! We’ll be offering kids from ages 5-12 the chance to create their own ghoulish monsters, witches, vampires and ghosts at our Halloween camps that run in Castleknock, Clontarf, Dundrum and Rathfarnham during the midterm.

4. A ‘Frozen’-inspired Arctic Costume

Like Minions, we’re sure that anything Frozen-related is still top of the ‘I WANT IT!’ list for many kids. Upcycle a (blue) ballerina tutu and any pieces of shimmering blue fabric you have to recreate Elsa’s ‘magical’ outfit.

What you’ll need:

  • One hairstyle fit for a queen (YouTube has some excellent links)
  • A majestic pale blue dress (ballerina or otherwise)
  • A sparkly cape
  • A willingness to sing ‘Let It Go’ at every house you’re trick or treating at so they’ll give you more sweets!

Image Credit: thediymommy.com

5. A Pop Art Masterpiece

Here at Artzone, we love a bit of Pop Art – so much that we include its style in some of our Fashion Academy pieces. With a bit of time, you can turn any face into a Pop Art masterpiece, inspired by the comic book and fashion styling of the 1950s! The important thing to remember with this one is you can keep it as detailed or simple as you like: a few quick dabs here and there or go for the whole KAPOW!

What you’ll need:

  • Intense face paints (for the dots and to create your comic book face outline)
  • Cardboard and markers (to create a Roy Lichtenstein-inspired piece of typography like a thought or speech bubble)
  • 50s inspired clothing

We’ve also included a brilliant makeup tutorial from YouTube to help you inspire those dotty faces.

Image credit: Pinterest

Image credit: Pinterest

Wrap Up

If you found any of these suggestions helpful, and you and yours decide to create a similar outfit – let us know! Tweet it at us @ArtzoneIreland, or tag us in an Instagram post @artzoneireland. Looking forward to seeing all your spooky and fantastic costumes.

Happy Halloween!

Artzone teacher Louise D's Halloween costume from last year

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