Our Online Store is down at the moment – Call 01 4990614 or 086 8159073 to book a Party Box or Voucher

We apologies for any inconvenience.

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15 Responses to “Shop”

  1. Alison Duffy says:

    I am holding an artclass in greystones and wanted to purchase your Airdough but it says will not ship pakage of this weight! What are my alternatives?

    • says:

      Our air dough offering is only designed to cater for family or party fun. Give us a call to discuss higher volumes. We will recommend the best way to source it for you. Regards, Paul

  2. Just ordered DIY party mask pack , please provide cat theme

    Michael Doyle

    • says:

      That party box will ship today. Many thanks and best wishes with the party. Feedback to date has been fantastic. Let us know how you get on! Paul

  3. Fiona Wood says:

    How long does it take for a partybox to be shipped? I’m looking for a Carnival Party Box for 15.


    • says:

      Hi Fiona, We normally ship next day – An Post Pick up and deliver one day later anywhere in Ireland; or the box can be collected from our Studios. Best regards, Paul

  4. Rosemary Turley says:


    My daughter is interested in the graphic poster party but we want to know do all the guests have to make the same poster – e.g. the red and black poster on the website?

    086 829 1393

  5. Rosie says:

    Can you tell me if there is any Easter camp in Celbridge or leixlip this year.


    • says:

      Sorry Rosie, Nothing at Easter this year. We are planning one in Lucan for next Easter. We have a new venue there that is proving really popular. Regards, Paul

  6. Sharon says:

    Hi – do you run any portfolio classes during the summer? Interested in NCAD class.
    Thank you

    • says:

      Hi Sharon. We run a very successful portfolio preparation course on Saturdays from early September. We did run summer courses over the years but found students got better results from a longer term weekly programme. Sorry, Paul

  7. Lisa says:

    Hi, my son is interested in the photography camp. He is 14 . Are the cameras supplied on camp?

    • says:

      Hi Lisa, We are training them to use their own camera – you only need a basic digital camera, with and SD Card and cable to connect to our laptops and computers. 14 is a perfect age. As Photography is one of the new Academy Camps it is booking quickly. Call 01 4990614 to discuss. Best regards, Paul

  8. Edel says:

    Hi, my daughter would like to have a Carnival Mask party for 15, could you please advise the cost and if it is suitable for outdoors.
    Thanks, Edel

    • says:

      Hi Edel, I will ask one of the team to email you direct with details of the Carnival Party. Regards, Paul

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