Artzone After School Art Classes

Junior Art Classes

Junior & Senior Infants

Junior classes are suitable for early primary school pupils, both boys and girls. Classes are above all fun, instructive and encouraging.  Here they learn and practice the basic skills, concepts and techniques of creating art.

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It’s Snow Cold! – This Festive Portfolio for our youngest artists full of Painting, Drawing, Model Making and a Winter Wonderland Collage.


Intermediate Art Classes

1st & 2nd Class Students

Mids work on a more challenging age-appropriate portfolio. The projects are still teacher lead but students are encouraged to adapt the core design with their own ideas and techniques.

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It’s Snow Cold! – Intermediate Students will explore Tone and Colour mixing, Drawing, 3D Clay Construction and a more intricate Winter Wonderland Collage.

Senior Art Classes

3rd to 6th Class Students

Seniors engage in a more in-depth exploration of various art techniques, taking a mini-project approach. Classes are fun, with more focus on reference artists, individual flair, design and creativity.

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It’s Snow Cold! – Senior Primary Students will design and create a Mixed Media Robin Collage, build a Clay Relief Winter Landscape, and a fun Sleighing Scene Plaque.



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