Halloween Camps 2020

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Virtual Art Camps

All Ages – €40 (€20 equipment)

Our Online Art Camps on Zoom are super instructive, interactive and above all fun.  They run for 4 days, one hour per day.  Our qualified teachers will take students through painting on canvas and clay construction projects suitable for all the Family.  If you miss a workshop we will post a link to a video of the class

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Drawing Academy

8 – 16 Years

A perfect art camp for young students who want to develop or hone their drawing skills with a Spooky Twist. Our specialist tutors cover various media traditional and modern.  Students are encouraged to realise their own individual styles with the tutor’s instruction and guidance.

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Halloween Drawing Camp for Teens & Tweens

Comic Book Illustration

10 – 16 Years

Halloween is a perfect time to become an illustrator and creator within the world of Comic Books. From the initial storyboard brainstorming our specialist tutors will guide students through their concept, character development, illustration and design. This academy books out really fast!

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Halloween Comic Book Illustration Camp for Teens and Tweens

Junior Art Camps

Boys & Girls 5 – 7 Years

Junior camps are suitable for early primary school pupils, both boys and girls. Camps are above all fun, instructive and encouraging.  Here they learn and practice the basic skills, concepts and techniques of creating art with regular breaks for snacks and organised games.

Cancelled Dundrum See Online

Halloween Art Camp Dublin - Dundrum and Clontarf
A fun look look at vampires and witches through painting, drawing, collage, character modelling and clay construction.

Senior Art Camps

Boys & Girls 8 – 12 Years

Seniors engage in a more in-depth exploration of various art techniques, taking more responsibility for designing their own art work, with a project-approach. Camps are still fun, with more freedom and focus on individual flair, design and creativity with breaks for games and time to chill and chat.

Cancelled Dundrum See online

Halloween Art Camps Dublin - Dundrum and Clontarf

Halloween Sculpture Academy 

10 – 16 Years

Embrace the 3rd Dimension with a Gothic Twist …  Explore the world of Visual Arts Construction including clay, wire and papier maché with specialist Art Tutors.  Design, construct and finish a range of models in 3D.   Students are encouraged to realise their own individual styles with the tutor’s instruction and guidance.

Halloween Sculpture Camp for Teens & Tweens